Andrea is a knowledgeable and professional educator and clinical nutritionist who is devoted to assisting her clients achieve optimal health. Andrea is also a gifted presenter and her health and wellness workshops are both informative and practical. Her passion for health exudes in everything she does.” Carol Gariepy RHN, M.Ed

“As a teacher at CSNN, Andrea sets the bar for knowledgeable nutrition professionals and communicates that knowledge clearly to her students. She is always well-prepared to give detailed, up-to-date, researched answers, data, and feedback. I’ve come away from her classes and seminars with a bounty of interesting information, referring often to my notes and handouts from these classes in my own practice.” Sara Galipeau RHN

“Andrea is the consummate professional: reliable, dedicated and passionate about what she does. She has particularly strong technical skills in the area of nutrition and her knowledge is made evident through her workshops, seminars and clinical consultations.” Kelly Mulcair RHN

“Andrea is not only a teacher I hold in high esteem, she’s also a thorough nutritionist that gets to the heart of the matter. I appreciate the experience and knowledge she brings to the table….” Andre Dessureau RHN

“I have had the pleasure of working with Andrea as a co-seminar presenter, for “Sustaining a Gluten-Free Lifestyle.” Andrea is a wonderful speaker, and knows how to present her topic with enthusiasm, easy to follow documentation, and years of experience behind her. She is knowledgeable, well spoken and works hand in hand to insure her clients and students are getting the best education possible. I highly recommend Andrea and know that she has what it takes to get the job done!” Tina Stalter DSW

“Andrea is approachable and extremely knowledgeable.She presents all of her lectures in a manner that is interesting and easy to follow…I strongly suggest hiring Andrea or attending one of her various educational opportunities.” Miriam Farber RHN 

“I have come to know Andrea primarily as an instructor at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, however I have also taken courses outside of the regular class work, from her. I find her to be incredibly knowledgeable and willing to help answer any questions regarding nutrition, supplements and my studies. She is consistent in her messages and I am very confident in her recommendations…”  Anita MacKinnon-student

“Andrea is a wonderful teacher with a lot of patience and a caring attitude. She is very knowledgeable with food & supplements and always has up-to-date information to provide her students and clients…” Stacey Enright RHN

“I have had the pleasure of being one of Andrea’s students in the last year at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Learning from someone so wise and with such passion for nutrition like Andrea is a joy and extremely inspirational. Her extensive knowledge showed through her well presented lectures and workshops; Andrea is not only an asset to the school but also a role model to me and many other students.” Flavia Young, CSNN student

“Andrea is very knowledgeable in the many areas relating to natural nutrition and nutritional supplementation. I had Andrea as my teacher for several courses at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and she is an excellent teacher who shares her passion and comprehensive understanding on a wide range of subjects relating to natural nutrition with her students and the broader community…Andrea is highly regarded by her peers and has an outstanding reputation as a Natural Nutrition Coach/Practitioner in Ottawa…” Jennifer Sexton RHN

“Andrea is a detail oriented instructor, who peppers the class with a little of her sense of humor. As one of the most precise instructors I had at CSNN, I feel proud to have earned every mark… I recommend her as a teacher and mentor, as well as a co-worker, and would be pleased to be in either environment with her again.” Jette Thorson RHN

“Andrea was one of my instructors at CSNN (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition). I found her extremely knowledgeable in the field of nutrition and nutritional supplements. She continues to be asset to the school, students and graduates.”  Nicki Barnshaw RHN

“Andrea has been my teacher at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. She was very thorough and challenged us to increase our knowledge and go beyond the material to truly understand it. She was also someone who continued to research questions to perfect her own knowledge. I would recommend her in any capacity she might undertake.”  Connie Ten Bruggenkate RHN



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